Computer Science XII

Saving, Closing and Opening Documents

The first time the document is saved, StarOffice Writer prompts for a name.
Naming the file enables the user to find and open that file again. One can select the
drive and folder where the file will be stored.
To save a document for a first time following steps are used:
1. File → Save command is selected or icon is clicked. A Save As dialog box as
shown in the figure 1.3 appears on the screen.
2. To select a drive, up one level icon is clicked, then a list of drives will be
displayed. On the list of drives, a double click is made on the required drive. Now
a list of folders available on that drive is displayed.
3. A double click is made on the required folder and the file name is given in the
File name list box.
4. Choose the required document type from the Save as type list box and click on
the Save button to save the document in that type. The document is now saved
and a file name appears in the title bar.
Once a file is saved under a name, to save it again the name need not be
entered again. The file can be saved simply by selecting the File→ Save command or
by clicking the Save button. Ctrl + S is the keyboard shortcut for saving the document.
Fig 1.3 Save As dialog box

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