StarOffice is an application that is designed to work on different operating systems. StarOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite with powerful standalone
applications that can also open, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents. Whether you are writing a letter, performing complex calculations, creating a presentation, or
creating a database, you’ll find that StarOffice meets your needs.

StarOffice consists of several applications. These applications are grouped together into an integrated environment in which one can do several things. Listed below are some of the StarOffice functions, Create text document using StarOffice Writer Create spreadsheets using StarOffice Calc Create presentations using StarOffice lmpress Draw using StarOffice Draw Create a database using StarOffice Base To Start StarOffice,
1. On the taskbar, click the Start button.
2. Choose All Programs → StarOffice 8 folder.
3. Click the StarOffice program that you want to start.

StarOffice Writer is a word processor. The term word processing refers to the activity carried out using a computer and suitable software to create, view, edit, manipulate, transmit, store, retrieve and print documents. A document may contain text, tables, graphs, charts, equations, pictures and drawings.

Some of the other commercially available word processing packages are MS Word, Lotus AmiPro, Word Perfect, Word Star and Word Pro.

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