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Accompaniments and Garnish

Accompaniments can be defined as any additional food items that are served with the main dish. These include dressings, sauces, seasonings or other snacks food items, which are offered with certain dishes simultaneously. Accompaniments are generally flavored food and sauce offered with specific main dishes. Appropriate accompaniment enhances the flavor of a dish by providing a balance and contrast to its taste. There are various accompaniments that are being served with different dishes in separate bowls.

Importance of Accompaniments

  • It is used to make the main dish complete.
  • It provides variety and improve the nutritive value of the meal.
  • It imparts flavor, taste, color, blend and give contrast to the main dish.
  • It helps to digest food.
  • It provides moistness.


Garnish can be defined as small bit of food stuff used as a decoration on top of a main dish to enhance the presentation. A garnish is an item or substance used as a decoration on a prepared food dish or drink. Different varieties of fresh crisp vegetables products, meat items, sauce, gravies, pasta items, are mainly used for garnishing the dishes of particular choice. A garnish makes food or drink items more visually appealing, which enhances the color, texture and flavor of food. The selection of garnishes depends upon the types of recipes through the menu offered by caterers.

There are two types of garnishes

  • Simple
  • Composite


Sandwich are light and dry foods made of loaves, buns and bread rolls in various shapes consisting of various fillings that are laid on top or in between the slices of bread e.g. vegetable, cheese, egg, meat, chicken, fish and shellfish. Butter, mayonnaise, margarine or cream is used as spread on bread, usually, two or three decker’s of sandwiches are cut and shaped attractively with the assorted garnishes.

Types of sandwiches




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