English XI

English XI

English XI

Compulsory English (Subject Code 002)

Grade – XI Full Marks 100 Teaching hours 150

I. This is an integrated general English course which treats English as a medium for communication and as a means to knowledge. This course is divided into two interrelated papers leading students from intermediate level of English proficiency to upper intermediated.

II. General Objectives The general objectives of this course are:

a. To teach students skills in the use of English for academic and communicative purposes.

b. To train them in the functional, notional and grammatical areas of English language use.

c. To make them see the relationship between structures and meaning.

d. To teach them English structures in a communicative context, and

e. To provide students a self-complete, self-terminating, as well as a bridge between secondary and University English (+3).

III. Specific objectives The specific objectives of this course are:

1. To give a short remedial or link course as a kind of bridge or a refresher course between English at the secondary and higher levels,

2. To teach English for functional, academic and communicative purposes, and

3. To provide students interesting reading materials for information, knowledge and pleasure.

IV. Course Contents The contents of this paper are:

a. A remedial or refresher course. It will be given at the beginning of the session. The contents include basic English structures and the use of Dictionary.

b. Core English. The texts in this component primarily aim at teaching various language skills in an integrated manner. The emphasis is on providing tools for using language for communicative purposes, and for receiving as well as imparting information effectively. The contents of this unit are: placesdecisions and intentionsjobs and routine  direction  past event  talking about now  requests and offers  recent actions and activities  comparison  the past and the present  likes and dislikes  events and circumstances leisure activities and skills  advice  origin and duration location similarities and differences obligation prediction objects degree setting a scene criticizing explanations c. Extensive reading and writing. The prescribed materials in this component expose students to various interesting and informative topics of global interest and common human concern. The contents include:


1. Arthur Guiterman, " On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness"

2. Darothy Charles, "Concrete Cat"

3. Mark Strand " Keeping things whole"

4. Cowper " The Poplar Field"

5. W. Wordsworth, "My Heart Leaps up when I Behold"


6. Barbara Holland, "Speaking of Children"

7. Joan Didion, " In Bed"

8. Issac Asimov, " The Nightmare Life Without Fuel"

9. Roger Roserblatt, "Opps ! How's that Again?"

10. Harold J. Morowitz, "The Six Million Dollar Man"

11. W.S. Merwin, " "Unchopping a tree"


12. Stories of the supernatural: "The Recurring Dream" " The Lost Doll", The House Call" "Fear", "The Loving Mother"

13. Hemingway, "The Three Day Blow"

14. R. Kipling, " The Gardener"

15. Patricia Hempt, " Look at a tea cup"

16. Eudora Welty, "A Worn Path"


17. R.N. Tagore, "Malini"

Prescribed Texts:

1. Doff. Adrian, C. Jones and K. Mitchell. Meaning into words (Intermediate). Students book, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press .

2. Meaning into Words (Intermediate), Workbook, Cambridge, C.U.P. 1983

3. The Magic of Words (A Collection of poetry, prose and drama). Kathmandu, 1996.

4. Link English. Revised edition, Kathmandu : Sajha Prakashan, 1996.

Reference Books:

1. One of the following Dictionaries: a) Cambridge International of Dictionary of English Cambridge, C.U.P., 1995 b) Collins COBUILD English Dictionary. New Edition London: Narper Collins, 1995. c) Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englsih. 3rd edition. Harlow: Longman Group 1995 d) Oxford Advanced learner's Dictionary: Learner'd Dictionary: 5th edition; Oxford: O.U.P. 1996.

2. Doff, Adrian, C. Jones and K. Mitchell, Meanings into words (Intermediate), Teacher's book. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1983.

3. Meaning into words, (Intermediate). Text BOOK, C.U.P.

4. Meaning into Words, (intermediate). Cassette (Student's Book) C.U.P.

5. Meaning into Words, (Intermediate). Cassette (Drills), C.U.P.

6. Swan, Michael. Basic English Usage. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1994.

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