LIBERTY COLLEGE (Pokhara University)

LIBERTY COLLEGE (Pokhara University)

Liberty College is located at Pragati Marg-2, Anamnagar. It functions under the ownership of Global College of Management (GCM) and  is managed by Uniglobe College. The college is affiliated to Pokhara University. It runs Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) programs.

The promoting team members of Liberty College are academically sound and they have proven track records of success in education entrepreneurship in Nepal. The team has considerable national and international experience and immense expertise for teaching, learning and managing the educational institutes. Liberty College was established in 2009 with a vision to provide world class education in business administration and hospitality management.

Liberty College – BBA and BHM programs are four-year semester system programs and their primary aim is to prepare middle level managers to meet the needs of business industry, service oriented industry, government and non-government organizations in different functional areas of management.

The teaching team of Liberty College is highly competent, dedicated and renowned in the academic field. The college also arranges guest lectures and training sessions of practitioners and reputed personalities and it conducts many skill development activities in and outside the college for the practical exposure of the students.

With an aim of making number one management college in the areas of BBA and BHM, Liberty College management firmly believes that effective dissemination of knowledge and skills to student is possible only when efforts of subject experts, learned teachers and researches are backed by much needed modern equipment’s and facilities.

With the guiding principle of ‘Individual Progress’, the college is focused in identifying, nurturing and encouraging the talents, skills and abilities of each students. The college empowers students with the platform to think, express and exhibit their skills.

Course Offered:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Pokhara University | Available seats - 96

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) - Pokhara University | Available seats - 48



Gardening and greenery maintained inside the college premises creates the feeling of entering into a resort and people feel relaxed with clean, healthy and serene environment. Liberty College has such an infrastructure that appears ideal and attractive for concentrative learning and teaching activities. The premises are kept tidy and intellectually friendly in order to maintain furnishing standard up-to-date in order to support sound academic environment.


The college runs professional business programs which are based on excessively practical learning modules. Major portion of BBA and BHM curricula is operant with computer support. To meet this requisite for the meaningful operation of the programs, the college has ensured the availability of a sophisticated computer lab equipped with branded computers.


Each and every class room of the college has in-build muti-media facility, audio-visual and computer access with internet facility. Internet facility is available for each computer and laptops and Wi-Fi facility is spread over the entire premises of the college. All the class rooms and most of the college areas are covered by CCTV surveillance.


The library at Liberty College is resourceful with sufficient volumes. It is enriched by e-library containing plenty of text and reference books in addition to reference resources such as magazines, journals and news bulletins relevant for business and management studies. Students are free to opt for e-library facilities or they can make ample use of physically equipped library with books, national and international journals and references from diverse areas of management studies.


Intellectual learning demands rigorous mental exercise over the unlimited time hours. Liberty College has ensured fully hygienic canteen facilities with professional staff to serve the students, college staff and visiting guests with standard food items for breakfast, snacks and main courses. Varieties of local as well as continental menu are served at the canteen at reasonable cost.


Deserving, talented and needy students, desiring to pursue management studies through BBA and BHM can apply for the scholarship assistance to be approved by the college administration in accordance with the provisions postulated by the university. For this purpose, the selection process of the university must be followed by the candidates. Liberty College provides merit scholarships that is based on academic achievements.


There is a reading section attached with the library. Students can utilize their valuable time in reading lounge which is well furnished along with high speed internet. Students spent their time from morning to evening for research and other study works very comfortably.


There is an auditorium hall at the top floor of the academic building. It is equipped with ultra modern technologies like multimedia, audio-visuals, internet/Wi Fi and comfortable sitting arrangements. It can be set as a round table sitting for seminars and theater setting for lectures

Why Liberty College?

A college can teach only as much as you are willing to learn. Liberty has made a lot of changes in the teaching pedagogy to help students learn better and get better jobs. When the job market has been really down, most of the students of BBA from Liberty got placed, and a few who were not placed are still getting placement assistance.

The college is providing additional out core knowledge related to all the areas of management subjects. Some worked on their presentation skills and soft skills. Many students participate in clubs and committees, debate and quizzes. The image of Liberty College has reached a height in top Business Schools of Nepal. 

It has happened because of our students and the environment provided by the college management. The college has given enough opportunities to students and some have made the most out of them. Finally, Liberty College is a place where students’ career are shaped and secured.


Candidates who have successfully completed NEB 10+2 (Grade XII) or an equivalent degree with minimum pass division in percentage or minimum ‘C’ grade in each subject are eligible to apply both in BBA and BHM program.

The admission process in the BBA and BHM programs involves submission of complete application form, transcripts and certificates of +2 and SLC/SEE or equivalent. Candidates must pass Liberty College Admission Test (LCAT) and personal interview.

Liberty Merit Scholarship

Liberty College provides wide area of scholarships under different criteria:

  • Academically sound students
  • Financially weak students
  • Students from remote areas
  • Students from marginalized communities
  • Semester toppers

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