Important Questions for Chemistry XII

Important Questions for Chemistry XII

1) How is nitro benzene prepared in laboratory? What happens when nitro benzene is reduced in acidic, alkaline and electrolytic conditions?
2) Discuss any one method that can be used for separation of primary , secondary and tertiary amines .
3.Define the terms :i)Normality factor ii)Primary standard solution iii)Acidity of a base iv)Indicator
4) 4gm of NaOH was added to 20 cc of 2N H2SO4 solution and the volume was diluted to one litre. Predict whether the dilute solution is acidic, basic or neutral and also calculate the resulting normality of the dilute solution in terms of gm/litre.
5) State and explain Hess’s law of constant heat summation.
6) Define Gibb’s free energy .Derive an expression to relate Gibb’s free energy change with useful work.
7) What is the physical concept of entropy? Predict the criteria of spontaneity in terms of entropy change and free energy change .
8) What is entropy of fusion ? Derive the relationship between Gibb’s free energy change and entropy change and also predict the criteria of spontaneity.
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1.What is normality? How is it related with molarity?
2.What is the normality of 20 cc of 2M phosphoric acid?
3.Define the following terms:  i) End point ii) Equivalence point iii)Indicator iv)Basicity of acid
4.If 20 ml of 0.5 N NaOH is mixed with 30 mL of 0.3 N HCl , is the resulting solution acidic or basic? Calculate the normality with respect to the acidic or basic final solution.
5.State whether the following properties are extensive properties or intensive properties: (a) Entropy  (b) Temperature
6.Define enthalpy of combustion. Enthalpy of formation of benzene is 55 KJ , enthalpy of formation of water and carbon dioxide are - 395KJ and  - 285 KJ respectively.  Calculate the enthalpy of combustion of benzene.
7.Why is - NO2 group a meta directing towards electrophilic aromatic substitution?
8.What are amines ? How are they classified?  Describe a suitable method for the separation of amines from their mixture.
9.State and explain Hess’s law of constant heat summation. Write it's one application.
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